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TV in any room in the house

Ace Aerials can provide the most cost effective method to watch TV in any room in your home.

Co-Axial TV Socket

Co-axial sockets installed for only £45 

TV Points in multiple rooms

4 Room TV Aerial

Package only £220

Call 07889206630 to book in your new TV points

TV Points (Co-axial sockets)

Need a TV point in the bedroom, Conservatory, or Kitchen? How about a TV point inside the children’s bedroom so they are able to watch their very own TV programs.

An extra TV socket in any area will probably resolve your current viewing problems and can typically be connected to the existing aerial or satellite system.

Additional TV points (Co-axial sockets) can be fitted to existing setups from only £45.

For new builds or refits we can provide a complete Digital TV four room package for only £220. This includes the aerial, the amplifier, four TV points and all the cabling and fittings as well as installation by our professional engineer.

Ace Aerials can add as many additional TV points as you need, in any area of your choice, even the shed! Ace Aerials only use quality digital ready cable and top quality exterior splitters to reduce any interference and deliver outstanding sound and image quality. We can also re-cable old points which might have out dated or substandard cables.

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