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Freesat Dish Supplied and Fitted

Guaranteed for 1 year

Leicester Freesat Installation and Repair

Freesat Satellite installation, upgrades, repairs and re-alignment in Leicester.


Freesat Dish LNB re-alignment from only £35


Freesat Dish installed from only £95

Freesat Dish and receiver installed from only £200

LMB upgrades and swaps from or to SkyQ / Universal / HD From only £45


There are currently 20 HD Freesat channels and over 700 SD channels available. For the full list of channels, take a look here.

Freesat Satellite TV Features - Is Freesat Right for you?


HD (High Definition)

A high-definition television transmission is able to offer a clearer and more detailed picture than any SD (standard definition) system, due to the fact that it contains a lot more picture information.


All television signals are made up of many tiny dots (pixels) that form the image you see, so by displaying more of these pixels in a high-definition (HD) transmission a better, clearer image can be Displayed.

High definition (HD) transmissions also include much better support for surround sound and windscreen formats which can tremendously improve the overall viewing experience.


On Demand

By connecting your Freesat receiver to your internet connection you can view BBC iPlayer and ITV Player transmissions.


This allows you to watch programs from up to 7 days in the past. With Channel 4’s 4oD and Five’s Demand 5 platforms to follow some time this year.


Pause, Rewind, Record

With Freesat+ you can pause the action and pick up where you left off. Rewind and record live TV too, so you never have to miss a thing.

Recording with Freesat+ is easy. And free. Find a program you want to record in the On Screen TV Guide and press the ‘record’ button on your remote control. There’s no need for tapes, timers, or DVDs. If a program is also in HD, Freesat+ will ask if you want to record it in HD or SD. If the program is part of a series, Freesat+ will ask if you want to record every episode in the series. All at the touch of a button.



Freetime is the latest update from Freesat. The Freetime smart TV guide features a central home screen with a large TV picture and mini guide, alongside a menu of options for full TV Guide, On-demand, Showcase, Recordings and search.

The TV guide supports scrolling forward seven days to set recordings on the PVR, but also allows users to browse backwards up to seven days to check programs they have missed and then, if available, watch them via catch-up services.

Call our Freesat Installer for a free quote - 07889206630

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